Lab Rescue of the LRCP rescues, fosters and place homeless, abused and / or abandoned Labrador Retrievers in the Mid-Atlantic region of the USA.  We provide veterinary care, spay / neuter the Lab and place it with foster families where they are loved while they await adoption.

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Max #7 (#170702) and Mocha (#170703)

 Max #7 and Mocha are a bonded pair of 7 year old labs. Max is a 110 pound neutered black male who needs to lose 20-25 pounds. Mocha is a 90 pound spayed chocolate female who needs to lose 20 pounds. They are both up to date on vaccinations and heartworm negative. They are sweet and friendly labs looking for bigger and better things. They will benefit from regular exercise as they need to lose those extra pounds! Max and Mocha are good with other dogs and must be adopted together. No cat history so cats are unknown. They previously lived with children ages 7 and 9 years old so they are approved for kids 7 and up.

Update from Max and Mocha's foster on Nov 10, 2017: Max and Mocha have blossomed in their week at Foster Mom’s place! After a couple days spent hibernating in their open crates, they have become comfortable and their eyes now shine with happiness. When FM gets anywhere near the door, Mocha hops up and down in anticipation of a walk, and both dogs are always eager to be leashed. They enjoy expanding their horizons both on foot and in the car and relished walking the loop around the lake in the next neighborhood. They love greeting people they see during their walks and may even share a few gentle kisses. These pups would take ten walks a day if possible and prefer to spend their time outside on a long walk instead of hanging out at a dog park, so they should be able to shed their excess weight before long. When home, Mocha is often lounging belly up on a dog bed and Max enjoys napping and neighborhood watch from the window chair. Max has become an expert at destuffing squeaky plush while Mocha has yet to put a toy in her mouth. They are no longer crated when they are alone and have proven to be trustworthy. 
Update on sweet Max and Mocha on Nov 3, 2017:  Max and Mocha previously lived in a garage and spent lots of time outside, so they would love to find a home in which they can live in the lap of Lab luxury. With the help a transporter (whom Max must have really liked since he didn’t even want to hop out of the vehicle!), these bonded 7-year-olds just relocated to their foster home this afternoon and are making an easy transition. They already know how to do steps (though Mocha may need some encouragement to come back up), they discovered where the water bowls are located, and Max has shown a fondness for squeaky plush toys. Even though the day is warm, they were eager to walk and check out the neighborhood and dog park. They crated well when Foster Mom left for a bit, and she suspects they may be trustworthy to leave uncrated. Prior to coming to Lab Rescue, these chunks were allowed to put on more weight than is healthy, so they are seeking to each lose 20-25 pounds. With their love of walking (and odd lack of interest in treats), they will find their slimmer physiques. A harness is useful for walking until they are more used to walking on leash and until their necks become smaller than their heads (so a back-up shimmy doesn’t result in a slip right out of a collar). 

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Thank you for adopting a lab from Lab Rescue of the LRCP.  Every year we find special homes like yours for hundreds of labs and along the way we have learned a lot that we hope can help you too. This section of our website is just for you and we hope it contains useful tips that can make the transition to your home move smoothly.

Remember that relationships don't just happen.  They take time and effort and along the way there may be bumps in the road.  That's to be expected but there are things that you can do to ease everyone's transition.  Don't be surprised by the occasional naughty behavior; it's normal.

If you have a question that doesn't appear in our resources section then please reach out to your adoption coordinator and he or she can get you the answers that you need.

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