About Adopt-A-Lab Events

Adopt-A-Lab events are fun for everyone involved.  We enjoy meeting potential adopters and seeing happy endings take place right before our eyes.  They may also appear a bit wild and chaotic but rest assured there's a definite structure and process that is followed at an adoption event.  And, while timelines may be sped up, the adoption process is the same as our non-event adoption process. If you are pre-approved, you should have already received a note from your Adoption Coordinator with the details about the event.

There are a number of simple reminders about the adoption process.  The events highlight dogs suited for homes with children ages 10 and over. Families with younger children should submit their adoption application and work with an adoption coordinator to identify an appropriate dog and visit with that dog at the dog’s foster home. In addition:

  • you must complete an application form
  • all members of the family should attend the event; including other canine members of the family
  • there is a formal interview with an Adoption Coordinator
  • be prepared to shop if you decide to adopt
  • If you are keen on meeting a particular lab and have not completed your adoption application, be aware that other adopters who have already been approved may also be lined up to meet the same dog.  To avoid disappointment try to complete and submit your application well before the event.
We also recommend that you arrive on time for the event, especially if you are interested in a particular dog; it would be very sad to arrive while another family is posing for their first family photo. 

Table 1 - Complete or Bring Your Application

Table 1 is always near the main door of the event location.  One or more Lab Rescue volunteers stay at that table to help direct your questions and give you an application form if you don't already have one.   Most of the labs available for adoption are outside with scarves; blue for males and pink for females. 

If you have already applied online or by fax / mail, bring a printed copy of you application with you.  We also recommend that you arrive on time (or even a few minutes early), especially if you are interested in meeting a particular dog.

Please note, if you have already been approved and are attending the event, please let your Adoption Coordinator know that you are planning on attending.  If they can't be there personally, they will make sure that someone can help you meet and adopt a lab.  This is especially recommended if you are interested in meeting a particular dog.  If you have already been approved and your Adoption Coordinator isn't there, you may be required to complete the application and be interviewed again.

Table 2 - Home of the Adoption Coordinators

Lab Rescue has Adoption Coordinators at every Adopt-A-Lab event. If you complete an application at the adoption day, take it to table 2 and give our volunteers your application. You will be introduced to one of our Adoption Coordinators who will review your application and conduct the interview right there and then.

The interview can take up to a half hour or more.  

If you are approved you can adopt one of the labs at the event or you can wait and meet other labs still with their foster families.

Table 3 - Contracts

If you meet the lab of your dreams at our event, you will need to complete the Lab Rescue contract and pay the adoption fee.  Adoption fees are payable at the event. You can find adoption fees listed here.

We prefer that you pay by cash or check.  

Lab Rescue will walk you through the key points of your adoption contract so that you understand all of your obligations.