If You Lose Your Dog...

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!! Do not delay - contact your adoption coordinator ASAP!  Your Adoption Coordinator will put you in touch a member of the Lab Rescue of the LRCP lost dog team who will be able to provide you guidance in looking for your lost dog.

If your Lab Rescue of the LRCP dog is lost:

Finding a lost dog requires a number of things to happen as quickly as possible with the goal of mobilizing as many watchful people as possible:

1.  Contact your Adoption Coordinator immediately! 
2.  Share on all social media;your  Facebook account and the Lab Rescue of the LRCP Facebook Group, Lost & Found Dogs for your area (see the list of internet sites below)
       - include date lost
       - last seen location
       - phone number (mobile is ideal)
3.  Put up flyers and posters in high traffic areas.  You can use http://missingpetflyer.com/ to create your flyer
       - include date lost
       - last seen location
       - phone number (mobile is ideal)
4.  Order Robo Calls (see the highlighted box below)
5.  File a report with local shelters and animal control; not just your local shelter - include shelters from surrounding counties as well
6.  Contact your microchip company and report your dog as lost. All Lab Rescue dogs (since 2012) are microchipped; if you haven’t registered the chip yet, your Adoption Coordinator can tell you the chip number
7.  Contact local vets. Fax a flyer and give the date and time dog went missing, location, description of your dog, color of collar, chip number, if wearing tags, and any other identifying information that would be helpful. 
8.  Take a scented item of your dog (collar, blanket) and place in zip lock bag.  This will be used for a dog tracker if needed.  
9.  Place your dogs bed and other familiar items (i.e. your clothes) outside with food and fresh water. 


Using Robo Calls

A robo call is an automated phone call that can go out to everyone in your neighborhood so that they're aware that your dog is lost.  

1.  Send the first round of calls immediately to the area where the dog went missing, within one mile.
2.  Send the second round of calls to a wider area based upon the reported sighting

Robo call services:

Internet Postings

Internet postings are great for getting a lot of eyes active in your neighborhood.  The goal is for your missing dog to go viral. Please post on as many of the following sites as you can.  Remember to always include the following in your message and attach the flyer wherever possible.