Special Labs Offer Special Love

Many families adopt special labs because their home is the right one for the dog.  They are rewarded many times over.  A special lab includes any of the following:
  • Senior dogs - a Lab over the age of 8 is considered a senior and Lab Rescue often has seniors available over the age of 10 or more
  • Blind dogs - a blind dog can feel intimidating but they find their way around just fine
  • Timid dogs - blossom when they find the right home 
  • Separation Anxiety - homes where the family is home more often than not or where a family member needs constant companionship offer a lab with separation anxiety the companionship they need
  • Reactive dogs - dogs that prefer the company of people to the company of dogs establish deep and lasting relationships with their new family.
You may have the right home or lifestyle for a special dog and Lab Rescue of the LRCP asks you to consider adding a special dog to your family.

Seniors Offer Special Love

Have you considered adding a senior Lab to your home?  Senior Labs make for easy living for you and them.

Most of the time, seniors are “turn-key dogs”—they are already house trained, crate trained and leash trained.  They might even already know some tricks!  Seniors want nothing more than someone to love them and give them regular meals, a soft bed and maybe a toy or bone to chew on.  They don’t require a lot of exercise, although a leisurely walk suits them just fine.  Seniors love to keep you company, and you can usually find them curled up wherever you might be—working at your desk, watching TV or—best of all—working in the kitchen where a tasty tidbit might fall on the floor.

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Blind Labs Never Look Back

 There are lots of easy ways to welcome a blind Lab into your family.  It's easier than you think and the rewards are boundless.

Blind dogs are very adaptable.  Most of them have lived without sight for their entire lives or have lost their sight slowly over time.  You can expect a blind Lab to be a master at using their nose.  

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Timid or Shy Labs

Timid dogs generally have exceptional dog skills and are often very submissive with their peers.  This makes them perfect companion dogs, even if your current dog can be a bit snarky or picky about other dogs.  

They can be shy at first but are very loving and over time they will become more comfortable and confident. Timid dogs bond deeply with the people in their home once a proper welcome has been made.

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Reactive Dogs - Other Dogs Scare Me

Not every dog loves every other dog; just like people!  Reactive dogs may not like hanging out at dog parks and being the social butterfly of your neighborhood but they make fabulous companion dogs for their families.  Reactive dogs tend to be a bit smarter than your average Lab and love to be trained.  They bond very deeply with their human family.

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