Our Labs Available for Adoption

The labs listed on this page are always changing. Every day labs are adopted and new labs join us while they wait for their new forever home. If you are interested in adopting one of these labs from Lab Rescue, please fill out our adoption application and send it to us online (or by fax or mail). Lab Rescue of the LRCP asks that you read about the entire adoption process before submitting your application. We often receive questions about why so few labs are approved for young children. You can read about how we make that determination in the adoption process section of the website. Please note that the website is not the most up to date source of information. Some labs may have been adopted before the website shows them as adopted.

Lab Rescue LRCP rescues and places dogs in Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and northeast North Carolina (30 miles east of I-95 and north of the Pamlico Sound). Adopters must travel to Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC, with their family – human and canine – to meet the dog they want to adopt.

If you live outside of the Lab Rescue service area and would like to adopt, please review the list of rescues elsewhere in the country, available at www.thelabradorclub.com, do a Google search on Lab Rescue and your location, or search on Petfinder.com or Adoptapet.com to find a rescue who places Labs near you.

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You can complete your application online using our easy to complete form. Once complete, your application will be forwarded to an Adoption Coordinator. It can take a week and more for your Adoption Coordinator to be in touch.

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If you are unable to complete our online application, you can download and print our application here. Once completed, please fax to 1(888) 280-9798. Please note: Online applications are preferred.
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Available Labs

BJ (#170085)

BJ is a 1 yr old yellow male.  He weighs 38 lbs and is heartworm negative.  He is good with dogs, unknown with cats and approved for ages 10 and up.  BJ arrived last weekend and during his wellness exam, it was discovered he has a significant heart murmur, grade 5 out of 6.  We visited the cardiologist and the news wasn't good.  He cannot be treated with medications, nor can he have surgery.  Somehow, all the dysfunctional components of his little heart have managed to find a way to work together.  We don't know how long BJ will be with us.  It could be months, or it could be years.  Of course, he doesn't know what's going on and he's living in the moment acting like a typical puppy.  He loves to go for walks, play, eat treats, but most of all he loves to cuddle with anyone who will let him jump on their lap.  He also knows how to sit to take treats very gently.  We're looking for a very special family who is ready to fall in love with BJ and allow him to have the best time of his life.

Blacky (#160589)

Blacky is a 12 year old black neutered male.  He weighs 65 lbs, is up to date on all vaccinations and is heartworm negative.  He is approved for ages 10 and up.  He should go to a home with limited steps.  Duke is good with dogs and cats.  Blacky is a sweet and gentle soul looking for that furever family who will shower him with lots of love and attention.

Update from Blacky’s Foster Family -  Sep 20, 2016: Blacky is a sweet and gentle soul looking for a family where he can relax and be loved. He's been great in his foster home with two other dogs. He went for a weekend getaway to another foster home with a cat and he did very well with the cat and resident dog. Blacky has a good appetite and enjoys short periods out in the yard. We don't have any kid history so he's approved for kids 10 and up. 

Update from Blacky’s Foster Family -  Oct 2, 2016: Blacky is doing great in his foster home. He needs help going up and down a few steps, so he will do best in a home with limited steps. On the other hand, he enjoys walks, sleeping, and resting with the dogs on the first floor. They all go out together, Blacky tends to stay out longer. He really likes to look out the front door. I take him for rides, and he's a great front seat dog. He had a great time over the weekend at the other foster home and also enjoyed the company of the resident dog. This boy is a super house guest. 

Update from Blacky’s Foster Family -  Oct 12, 2016: Blacky is loving every day and can't wait to find a home of his very own. He's got great house manners, and is a very sweet boy. He still needs a little help on steps, but enjoys just chilling and hanging out and watching out the windows. He is looking forward to meeting new friends, and hopefully his forever family at the next adoption event! 
Update from Blacky’s Foster Family -  Nov 8, 2016: Blacky is spending sometime with us, and he is just precious. This little old man fits right in with the two resident senior dogs and is getting along great with young foster Woodstock and resident cat. He needs to go out often during the day, and he can't handle slippery tile floors, so runners must be used. He has a hearty appetite and slept through the night. Blacky still has a lot of love to offer, and as tempting as he is, we want him to find a forever family so someone else can experience all this sweetness. I love that he trots along in the yard! Watch him here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYb7beb6GXI  

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Sponsored by Jen & Jeff Whereatt in memory of"the original Big Black Dog"
Sponsored by Andrea Wieder- "because all dogs need love"
Sponsored by Scott Mallan

Bogie (#170045) & Bacall (#170046)

Bogie is a 5 yr old neutered black male and Bacall is a 5 yr old spayed black female.  Bogie weighs 63 and Bacall weighs 53.  They are both up to date on vaccinations and are heartworm negative.  They are good with dogs but unknown with cats.  Bogie and Bacall are approved for ages 10 and up.  Bogie and Bacall are a wonderful pair of 5 year olds.  They were found in a rural area with several other dogs "rummaging" on the side of the road.  We cannot imagine why as they are so well behaved and perfect!  They have wonderful dispositions, haven’t destroyed anything and are housebroken and crate trained.  While a pair, they play independently and really well with the other dogs.  Even so, they are at their best together and will be adopted as a pair.  They have been such a joy a their foster!

Buddy (#170026)

Buddy is a 2 yr old neutered black male.  He weighs 49 lbs, is up to date on vaccinations and is heartworm positive.  Lab Rescue will pay for treatment if treated at one of our authorized vets.  Buddy is good with dogs but not cats.  He is approved for ages 10 and up.  Buddy has had a rough start but things are going to be a lot better for him now.  Since he came into Lab Rescue he has made a lot of friends.   The kennel staff have given him a lot of attention and love.  He has learned to relax around new people and is good around other dogs.  He is still a little slow to share toys with other dogs if he gets one he does want to give it up but will if you trade him for another one.  Buddy needs a home that has a fenced yard so he can play and run around without wandering off.  He will make some lucky family a wonderful companion.

Casey #4 (#160760)

Casey is an 8 yr old chocolate spayed female.  She weighs 77 lbs, is up to date on vaccinations and is heartworm negative.  She is good with dogs but not with cats.  Casey is approved for ages 10 and up.  Casey is a very sweet and social girl.  She has spent her entire life living on a few different farms in their breeding program.  She is looking forward to finding a family that can make up for all those years and give her the love and attention that she deserves. Casey needs to go to a home with a fenced in yard as she has always had a fenced in area where she can run around and explore the yard.

Update from Casey's foster family - Jan 25, 2017:

Casey is an easy companion who enjoys going for walks and playing in the yard. She doesn't realize her age, so she needs to be told when she's run around too much. She's great with other dogs and has met many. During a short stay at another foster home, she got along great with the resident lab and other visiting dogs. She continues to discover the comforts of indoor living and is housetrained. She would like to find a family of her own so another needy senior can take her spot in her foster home. If you're looking for a girl with a pep in her step, Casey is the one. 

Sponsor Casey #4
Sponsored by Sarah Linden-Brooks
Sponsored by Jessica Bernanke
Sponsored by Susan Lawrence

Chopper (#170094)

Chopper is a 2 yr old neutered chocolate male.  He weighs 65 lbs, is up to date on vaccinations and is heartworm negative.  He is good with dogs but no cats for Chopper.  Chopper is approved for ages 10 and up.  Chopper is a big, strong and happy dog who thinks everyone he meets is his friend and wants to play with him.  He thinks he is still lap size and likes to climb up and sit in your lap and get attention.  He loves to retrieve brings it back most of the time.  He takes treats gently. Chopper needs a family that will give him plenty of exercise and has a fenced yard for him to run and play in as walks will not be enough for him.  Some family is going to luck out when they adopt Chopper.

Watch him at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anI6VJ2CaVA

Dixie (#170072)

Dixie is an 8 yr old spayed chocolate female.  She weighs 79 lbs, is up to date on vaccinations and is heartworm negative.  She is good with dogs and unknown with cats.  Dixie is approved for ages 10 and up.  Dixie is an easy going dog that loves to hang around with you.  She greets everyone with a smile and a wagging tail.  She loves to be around you and enjoys play time but is very willing to stay by your side.  She likes to retrieve and is good at it.  Dixie needs to be with a family that is home more than gone and has another dog.  She is a prize and whoever adopts her will be getting a great dog.

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Dozer #2 (#160473)

 Watch Dozer play tug with his human foster brother

Watch Dozer swim. 

Dozer is a black, neutered male who weighs 79 pounds. He's ten years old and is current on vaccines and is heartworm negative. Dozer is unknown with cats, good with dogs and approved for ages 10 and up. He is a handsome Lab who is active and healthy. And he loves people! He walks great on leash, knows many commands, and likes car rides; however, he needs to be restrained in the car because he likes to drive. This big guy has not had lots of training, so he is looking for that with his new family and is looking for a single family home in the suburbs or a rural area with a solid six foot fence. No invisible fences for this guy and he cannot be taken off leash in open spaces. Dozer needs a patient family who will understand that he has been living outdoors for much of his life, and now as a senior he needs a comfy, loving home with caring humans who will see that he gets the training, love and comfort he requires.

Update from Dozer’s Foster Family - Jan 27, 2017: Dozer is a very friendly guy, but doesn't jump on people. He kind of bounces up and down in a happy/funny way when he is excited. Dozer likes balls and stuffed animals, long walks and like most labs, enjoys any food you want to give him! He is house trained and does not need to be crated, but will check out your countertops if you leave snacks unattended. Dozer strongly believes age is just a number and has more pep in his step than the average 10 year old! 

Jan 25, 2017: Dozer is a character. I spent time with him over the weekend, and I couldn't believe how energetic he was. He loves to go for walks and is strong, so must be walked with an Easy Walk harness. He is a happy-go-lucky boy who has no clue of his age. This boy has places to go and says he feels half his age. If you want to meet Dozer and free up a foster home for another needy senior dog at the shelter, this is your chance to gain a walking companion and snuggler on the couch. 

Jan 20, 2017: Dozer is a happy go lucky pup. He's very active and playful for his age and is looking for a human he can have fun with. Dozer likes to give kisses and de-stuff the occasional stuffed animal. He enjoys playing outside and requires a fence to make sure he doesn't go out seeking new friends. He walks well on leash and has beautiful eyes! He's a big fan of frozen Peanut Butter Kongs and has good house manners. 
Sponsor Dozer
Sponsored by Jessica Dockery

Floyd (#160344) and Harvey (#160345)

Floyd and Harvey are a bonded pair and will be adopted together. Floyd is a 6 year old neutered male mixed breed who weighs 51 pounds and Harvey is a 7 year old neutered black male lab who weighs 58 pounds. Both are current on vaccines and heartworm negative. These two will need a yard with a physical, not invisible, fence. Floyd is a bit shy with people initially but he warms up quickly. He is good on leash, walking right beside his human and knows numerous commands. Harvey knows lots of commands, too, but because he is a social butterfly eager to meet and greet, he will need an easy walk harness for walks. Harvey loves to retrieve. Both are good with dogs, unknown with cats and approved for ages 10 and up. Both of the guys are fully trustworthy around the house and do not need to be crated.

Update from Floyd & Harvey's foster family Aug 13, 2016:

Happy Harvey and Five-o-Clock-Shadow Floyd (my newest nickname for him) have been enjoying themselves with toys or laying out in the sun. They are so easy--and eager--to please! These boys demand so little, and are ready for their forever family! 

Aug 3, 2016: Harvey and Floyd took a walk with their fosters yesterday. Harvey walks ok and needs some correction, but he does not try to run or act wild. He wants to walk ahead a little but he didn't seem to be pulling. Floyd is calm and heels on his own. Floyd has a bit of a fear of thunderstorms and hides until they are over. He prefers dark corners in the basement where is quieter. Harvey loves chasing a ball and he sometimes tries to get Floyd to play. They will play a little bit. The boys are really are so well behaved and you can easily tell that really love one another. They wait for each other in the yard and go in and outside together. They are very low maintenance, lovable pups. 

Update from Floyd and Harvey's Foster Family - Sept 18, 2016: They are a low-maintenance bonded pair who get along with the two resident canines. They love lounging, playing inside and outside, and getting belly and butt rubs. 
Fast Facts: 
1. Happy 
2. Harmonious (he will rest or play depending on what you want him to do and he gets along well with other dogs) 
3. Heeding (he is obedient) 
4. Helpful (he is Floyd's leader) 
5. Hilarious (when playing with toys and making faces at you) 
6. Handsome 
1. Freckled (have you seen his gorgeous coat??) 
2. Fuss-free (he will rest or play depending on what you want him to do and he gets along well with other dogs) 
3. Furniture-loving (he and Harvey love lounging on the couch) 
4. Funny while sleeping (sometimes he sleeps on his back!) 
5. Fantastic (an easygoing, gentle guy) 
6. Faithful (to you and to his brother Harvey) 
7. Follower (he follows around Harvey or you) 

Update from Floyd and Harvey’s Foster Family - Oct 14, 2016: Floyd and Harvey have been dreaming of a forever home. They are super sweet, gentle, and smart. Super low maintenance and and they love playing outside. They know basic commands and like playing with squeak toys. Floyd and Harvey like snoozing on the couch and hanging out with their people. 

Update from Floyd and Harvey’s Foster Family -  Nov 7, 2016: Floyd and Harvey are a low-maintenance bonded pair with great house manners. 

FLOYD, a 51-lb, 6-year-old neutered male mixed breed, is calm and a tad shy, which means he lets you take the lead. He doesn’t walk in front of you indoors or outdoors. He knows how to get comfy! He loves rolling up blankets into pillows and loves pieces of sardines with his meals. 

HARVEY, a 58-lb, 7-year-old neutered black lab, is playful and always smiling. He is a social butterfly. He tries to provoke Floyd (or you) to play. But he does know when to lay down and relax. He loves begging for belly rubs and to retrieve. He will come over to you, throw himself down and roll onto his back. He needs a harness for walks. 

Commands: sit, down, give paw, get toy. Good with other dogs!

  Watch the boys play here

  Watch Harvey play with his Frisbee

Sponsor Floyd and Harvey
Sponsored by Helen Skiba-Powell


Helen (#160335)

Helen is a 6 year old spayed chocolate female.  She is up to date on her shots and is heartworm negative.  She is good with other dogs and is approved for kids aged 10 and up.  She weighs 51 lbs and has considerable weight to gain.  Helen was found, blind and emaciated, walking down the middle of the highway.   Her blindness is caused by diabetes which is now under control; she will need to be on insulin injections and blood glucose monitoring for the rest of her life. In mid- June, Lab Rescue will have surgery performed that will, we hope, restore the sight in one of her eyes.  Helen is learning to love toys and is getting healthier every day.  She's  bundle of love and energy and we can't wait to see what happens once her sight is restored.

Update from Helen’s Foster Family -  Nov 7, 2016: HELEN is the sweetest chocolate shadow. She has perfect house manners, loves the car, walks,all humans and her squeaky babies. Helen doesn't see very well from untreated diabetes and needs insulin shots twice a day. She's not a fan of dogs that get in her face, but loves her humans. She walks well on an Easy Walk harness, and is approved for townhome living. 

Update from Helen's Foster Family - Nov 18, 2016: 6 year old HELEN wants to know if she can be your chocolate shadow. Helen loves all people, car rides, belly rubs, her squeaky babies, playing fetch, and has the softest ears. She has limited eyesight, needs two insulin shots for her diabetes and would like to be the only dog in the family. Helen has perfect house manners and will shower you with love! 

Update from Helen's Foster Family - Dec 31, 2016: Helen recently spent the holidays in her vacation foster home while her foster mom was away. Her vacation fosters said she was such a good girl in their home and giving insulin wasn't a problem. Helen even jumped in the mail truck wanting a ride. Helen is a super sweet chocolate shadow looking for her forever home as an only dog. 

Update from Helen's Foster Family - Jan 16, 2016: Helen continues to be doing well in her foster home. Her fosters describe her as perfect in the house and a low maintenance girl. Helen is a very affectionate girl! She is good about her insulin shots and eye drops. Watch how easy it is to give her insulin here: https://youtu.be/7ig0CVLAugQ 

 Check out the video of her playing fetch! 

Sponsor Helen
Sponsored by Amanda Sickel in memory of  Coal (LRCP alum 2007)
Sponsored by Lori Sullivan
Sponsored by Gay & Richard Hayden In Memory of Jack, Sam and Dakota
Sponsored by Laura Burns

Jett (#170028)

Jett is a handsome 6 year old neutered black male who weighs 74 pounds. He is good with dogs and approved for ages 10 and up. Because he chases squirrels and deer  with such enthusiasm and vigor, Jett is probably not a good candidate to live with cats. He is heartworm negative and current on vaccines. Jett loves to run and play and must go to a detached single-family home in the suburbs or a rural area. He will require a physically fenced yard where he can play.

Update from Jett's foster family - Feb. 8, 2017: Jett is a handsome six year old boy who loves walks and car rides and has excellent house manners. He is a daddy's boy who also likes to help repairmen. He loves string cheese, cooked brocolli, apples and peanut butter. He can be strong on the leash, but was also walked off-leash quite a bit so he could stretch his legs. Jett loves his belly rubs and does not get up on furniture unless invited- or sometimes when being silly. Jett loves to play tug but he missed the "retriever" gene. He likes toys with squeakers and likes to tear the stuffing and squeakers out of his toys. Jett loves to open packages that are given to him (Bark Box, Christmas presents) but he does not bother anything that is not his (socks, shoes, pillows, etc.) 

Jett has a fairly extensive vocabulary and understands: Here (come), Sit (can't guarantee "stay"), Down, Roll over (with coaxing), Give me a paw/ shake, Leave it, Want to go walk/ride/park/outside, Want some dinner? Want a treat?, Want a bath? (Likes baths), We're going to bed. He knows that "we're going to work/school/store" means he's not going. 

Kandi (#160200) 

Kandi is a six year old spayed yellow female who weighs 62 pounds and walks nicely on leash. She is current on vaccines and heartworm negative. Kandi would like to be the center of her families universe as a solo dog and will chase cats so 'no cats' for her.  She is approved for ages 10 and up and needs a home with a physical fence.  She is a super gentle and laid back girl who crates well for the work day and has nice manners. Kandi loves people. And she also loves counter surfing, so her forever family will have to join the clean counter club! Although she is a counter surfer, Kandi will not try to take food that humans are trying to eat but will only use the powers of her pleading puppy dog stare to procure food in this situation. Kandi does not try to get on the furniture but enjoys lounging on a comfy dog bed.  

Kandi has age related arthritis and is on glucosamine supplements. She would prefer a home with limited stairs. 

Update from Kandi's foster on Jan 5, 2017: Kandi is a moderate energy beautiful girl. She has great inside manners and does not counter surf or beg. She sleeps beautifully through the night and doesn't get on furniture. Kandi likes to hang out with her people wherever they are in the house. She loves to look out the windows or storm door probably because she loves the outside!! Kandi gets very excited when she realizes that it is time to go outside and will carry her "kitty" or "bear" around in anticipation. Kandi is a good walker and walks best on a harness. She has a strong prey drive and will need to be redirected when she sees a fox, squirrel, or small dog on walks. She has some interest in bones and balls and will play by herself by throwing them in the air. She is very smart and knows "wait," "come," "sit," "down," "paw," "speak" for a treat, "give," "roll over." She has had full house privileges for a few hours and she was fine. Her allergies are being managed by daily allergy medicine and grain free chicken and turkey dog food. 
Sponsor Kandi
Sponsored by Carmen Brun

Layla (#160774) & Gage (#160775)

Layla and Gage are a bonded pair of Labs who must be adopted together.  Layla is an 11 year old chocolate female, up to date on her shots and heartworm negative. Gage is a 6 year old chocolate male, up to date on his shots and heartworm negative. They are both good with cats and are approved for kids aged 5 and up. Layla weighs 78 lbs and Gage weighs 85.  They walk well on a leash and can be left at home, uncrated for several hours at a time.  They know basic commands.  They both have great manners and are happy, happy dogs who love being with their people. 

Update from their foster family - Jan 25, 2017:

Layla and Gage are sweet and thrive on getting attention. They are great family dogs and especially love children. They get very excited for walks and mealtime. Gage is full of energy and could use a bit more training on the leash. Layla still loves retrieving squeaky toys. They would love to find their own family so another needy dog could take up their space in their foster home. If you love chocolate labs, please take a look at this awesome pair. 

Sponsor Layla & Gage 
Sponsored by Elizabeth McFarland who also says 'bonded pairs are the best way to get two best friends all at once. We love you Layla & Gage, Love Morgan, River & Miss Daisy'
Sponsored by Cheryl Exum

Marsh (#160014) 

Marsh is a 4 year old neutered yellow male. He is current on vaccines and is heartworm negative. Marsh weighs 64 pounds.  He loves to play with squeaky toys and receive belly rubs.  He would love to be the center of his family's world, or share them with a calm friend. Marsh is very well-behaved and is learning commands. Marsh needs to go to a no cat home.  Marsh loves being with people and is very well trained.  He loves to pay and would prefer a family who works from home or isn't gone for a long workday. He'll reward you with love and snuggles.  Marsh doesn't like having other dogs jumping in his face and is not a dog park kinda guy.  He bonds very deeply with his humans and loves to go for long walks rather than doggie romps.

Sponsor Marsh
Amber & Mike Stinson

Mikey (#160184)

Mikey is a great looking neutered fox red male who is four years old. He is good with dogs, unknown with cats and approved for ages 10 and up. He's current on vaccines and heartworm negative. Mikey is described as being "friendly, sweet, and wiggles all over." He is calm, gentle, and quite a nice boy. He is from the country and will need to go to a single-family home in the suburbs or a rural area.  Mikey has had extensive obedience training and he enjoys going for walks.

Sponsor Mikey
Sponsored by Nicole Hopkins
Sponsored by the Eiben Family Jen, John, Yael & Maya and our LR boys: Archie, Rom & Parker
Sponsored by Morgan Boyer

Moose (#160691)

Moose is an 8 year old neutered yellow male.  He is up to date on his shots and is heartworm positive; Lab Rescue will pay for his treatment at one of our vets.  He is good with other dogs and is approved for kids aged 10 and up.  He weighs 67 lbs.  During his neuter surgery, a mass, that turned out to be cancerous, was removed. The vet feels that good margins were made. Moose's family will need to watch for additional lumps and have them biopsied asap in the future. 

Moose is one of the gnelest dogs around.  He loves to be with his people and is very well behaved. During the human free day, he just curls up and sleeps until they come home. 

Update from Moose's foster family:
Moose is a perfect house guest. He is very sweet and laid back and just wants to be snuggled. This morning we had my parents come over for a visit and he was a wonderful and respectful host! We decided to go to an outdoor cafe for brunch and brought Moose along for the adventure. Needless to say... he behaved perfectly. 

 Watch Moose on YouTube:

Rollin' in the grass                         Rollin' in the leaves                           Enjoying his Kong            

Sponsor Moose
Sponsored by the Eiben Family
Sponsored by Janet Jenkins

Pokie (#160433)

Pokie is an 8 year old neutered chocolate male. He is up to date on his shots and is heartworm negative.  He is good with other dogs and is approved for kids aged 10 and up. He weighs 61 lbs. Pokie is diabetic and partially blind. Pokie is a sweet and mellow guy looking for a family who can take care of him and is committed to helping him with his diabetes. All he needs is an insulin injection in the morning and one at night at regular times. In return, he will stay close to you and shower you with love.

Update from Pokie's foster on Oct 7, 2016: While he may be partially blind, Pokie has no problem getting around. He loves to play and is OBSESSED with his "babies". He sleeps with them, goes outside to go potty with them and just loves holding them in his mouth. Pokie is diabetic, but is very good getting his shots twice a day. He will happily do anything for a treat. Pokie is such a sweetie! 
Update from Pokie's foster family Jul 24, 2016:  Pokie is such a sweet boy. He is very friendly and loves to be with people. He has been doing well navigating his foster home and will do steps when his foster mom says "step." His foster mom reports that it is very easy to give him his insulin. Give this boy a chance and he will reward you with so much love and loyalty. 

Sponsor Pokie
Sponsored by Garry & Laura Jacyna


Quincy (#150793) 


See Quincy swim on 

Check out Quincy at a recent Adoption Event

 Quincy, a chocolate neutered male, weighs 87 pounds is current on vaccines, and heartworm negative. He is 7 years old and is a "gentle giant" who melts with contentment when someone loves on him. He is also good in the car and walks okay with a harness. Because he is not used to the hustle and bustle of the city, he must go to a detached, single family home in the suburbs or a rural area. 

Update from Quincy's foster on Oct 14, 2016: Quincy can't wait to meet his new family and get settled in for the holidays. He loves cookies and his people! If you are looking for a sweetheart of a chocolate, Quincy is your man. He's a well behaved velcro boy! He loves cuddles and squeaky toys! 

Update from Quincy's Foster- Aug 5, 2016:  Tall, chocolate, and handsome! I'm Quincy, and I can't wait to be your loyal velcro dog. I don't like other dogs or cats, but you're my favorite. I love cookies and naps, and hanging out outside. 

Sponsor Quincy  
Sponsored by Pepper and Lucy Liu - From one bonded pair to another
Sponsored by the Simmons-Clayton Family in memory of Chip


Samantha (#170087)


Samantha is a 2 year old black spayed female who weighs 41 lbs.  She is current with her shots and is heartworm negative.  Samantha is good with dogs; unknown with cats; and approved for kids 10 and up.  Placement is currently limited to single family homes in a suburban neighborhood or rural setting.  


Samantha may be a pocket lab but she is all retriever.  This petite girl loves to retrieve tennis balls and will drop the ball at your feet every time.  She walks well on a lead and likes to carry her tennis ball with her on walks.  

Sunshine #2 (aka Sonny) (#160595)

 Watch Sonny on YouTube.

Sunshine (aka Sonny) is a 7 year old neutered black male who weighs 76 lbs.  He is current with his shots and is heartworm negative.  Sonny is good with dogs (lived with 4 dogs of varying sizes); unknown with cats; and approved for kids 5 and up.  Because he comes from the suburbs, placement is currently limited to single family stand-alone homes in a suburban neighborhood or rural area.
Sonny came to Lab Rescue because his owner’s health issues limited her ability to care for him.  As a result he was in pretty rough shape himself but he is now on the road to recovery.  
Sonny is a happy dog who likes to be with you.  He walks nicely on a leash and enjoys car rides.  House and crate trained.  He likes to sleep in his crate with the door open.  Has had the run of the house and knows how to use a dog door.  Enjoys getting his ears, head and base of his tail scratched.  Does not climb on furniture but has been known to do a little counter surfing if the opportunity presents itself.   

Update from Sonny's foster family - Nov 27, 2016: What a difference a few weeks make! Sonny has gained 3 pounds, his coat is now complete and shiny, and his muscles are coming back. He is a happy dog who sings when you get home keeping his beat with his tail, He likes to carry something in his mouth, be it toy, sock, shoe or other treasure he finds. He has a gentle lean, is respectful with little kids, and loves to snuggle, falling to sleep with a big sigh and quiet snore. Knows sit, wait, back up, get out of the kitchen, and do you want to go to the bark park. His favorite game is “What do you have now?”. Sonny enjoys his crate. He enjoys chewing antlers and playing . He loves riding in the car and going to the bark park and playing with other dogs. He has several friends there who he chases and wrestles with. Walks nicely on a loose leash. He looks like a new dog compared to what he looked like when he came into Lab Rescue. His allergy medication are working as his skin isn’t inflamed, he isn’t scratching and his coat is filling in nicely.  He is looking for a home with a family that has; a fence, will give him lots of love, attention and exercise. Another dog would be a plus. 
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Sponsored by Nicole Hopkins
Sponsored by the Eiben Family Jen, John, Yael & Maya and our LR boys: Archie, Rom & Parker

Sunshine #3 (#160835)


Sunshine is a 10 year old spayed yellow female who weighs 61 lbs.  She is current with her shots and is heartworm negative.  Sunshine is good with dogs and with cats; and approved for kids 10 and up.  Placement is currently limited to single family homes in a suburban neighborhood or rural setting.  


Sunshine was seized by Animal Control due to neglect.  When she arrived at Lab Rescue she had a huge mass on her left shoulder that had ruptured and was infected.  She had surgery to have it removed.  Now that she has recovered, she will undergo hip surgery.  Her ideal family will have a home with limited steps or the ability to limit stairs during her recovery period.


Sunshine is a very mild-mannered girl with a sweet disposition.  She likes to hang out on her bed or lay at your feet and get some TLC.  She is not a fan of the crate but probably doesn’t need it as she hasn’t touched anything in the house.  Sunshine is housetrained and sleeps through the night.  

Sponsored by Hunter Holtzman