Add a Pair of Labs to Your family

Pairs often adjust to their new home more easily because they're used to relying on each other already.  Often, a pair has been living together for many years and we want to keep them together. 

Apply Online

You can complete your application online using our easy to complete form. Once complete, your application will be forwarded to an Adoption Coordinator. It can take a week and more for your Adoption Coordinator to be in touch.

Print and Send Application

If you are unable to complete our online application, you can download and print our application here.  Once completed, please fax to 1(888) 280-9798. Please note: Online applications are preferred.

Available Labs

Butterscotch (#170814) & Pluto (#170815)

Butterscotch is a 7 yr old yellow spayed female and Pluto is a 7 yr old black neutered male.  They both weigh 70 lbs, are up to date on vaccinations and are heartworm negative.  Butterscotch and Pluto are a bonded pair and must be adopted together.  No cats for these two.  They are approved for ages 10 and up.  Butterscotch and Pluto found themselves with LR when their owner was being moved to assisted living. They lost the only home they have ever known. They are very nice dogs, a little confused and grieving them home, but settling in at their foster. Butterscotch and Pluto have assimilated well, especially considering they were recently separated from their owner of nearly 8 years. Butterscotch took no time to make herself at home. Pluto's initial timidness is slowly dissipating. They are house trained and sleep through the night. Both are affectionate, come when called, know basic commands, enjoy being outside, and walk well on leash. They have the lab qualities we are all familiar with. Butterscotch is bonding quickly with her foster parents, and Pluto is slowly doing the same. A pair of easy, lovable labs. Butterscotch and Pluto are good with other big dogs, but are not fond of (or don't understand) small dogs and probably cats as well.

Diamond (#170842) & Chyna (#170843)

Diamond is a 7 month old black spayed female and Chyna is a 7 month old yellow spayed female.  Diamond weighs 28 lbs and Chyna weighs 29.  They are both up to date on vaccinations and are heartworm negative.  Diamond and Chyna are a bonded pair and must be adopted together.  They are good with dogs but unknown with cats and are approved for ages 10 and up.  Diamond & Chyna are siblings both love to play and get attention. Both like to get petted and will end up on their backs so they can get their bellies rubbed. Diamond is the more outgoing and Chyna is more affectionate. Both like to chase after toys and bring them back to you sometimes. They like stuffed toys, kongs and nylabones. The stuffed toys may become the victim of a tug of war and become unstuffed. They were not allowed to have any table food but were given pieces of apple and bananas. They would like a family that has a fenced yard and will give them the love, training and exercise they need. They are siblings.

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