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Abby (#170609) & Mason (#170610)

The adoption fee for bonded pairs has been reduced for a limited time to help keep them together. Please consider adopting a pair of Labs and enjoy Double the Love.

Abby is a 7 yr old chocolate spayed female and Mason is a 10 yr old chocolate neutered male.  Abby weighs 80 lbs and Mason weighs 91 lbs.  They are both up to date on vaccinations and are heartworm negative.  They are good with dogs but unknown with cats.  Abby and Mason are approved for ages 5 and up.  & Mason are great dogs. They like being with you to get petted and attention which they haven't had a lot of lately. They both will go chase a ball or toy but Abby normally brings it back, Mason surprises Abby once in a while. They would like a home where they can stretch out on dog beds and get plenty of loving.

Update from their foster October 7- Abby and Mason are wonderful! They love people and are so happy to have love and attention. They are house trained, good with kids, and good with other dogs. They walk nicely on the leash and love to retrieve tennis balls. They don't jump up and know sit and down. They can be trusted alone in the house and won't chew anything. Abby *might* sneak onto a couch or two, but who can blame her! The only time either of them barks is Mason when he wants us to throw the tennis ball, NOW. They don't chase squirrels or birds and seem unconcerned about noises like cars or sirens. They are very happy to settle down on dog beds after playing and sleep quietly at night.

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Alex (#170674)

Alex is a 9 yr old chocolate neutered male.  He weighs 65 lbs, is up to date on vaccinations and is heartworm negative.  He is good with dogs but unknown with cats.  Alex is approved for ages 10 and up.  Alex is such a sweet gentleman. He is full of tail wags, loves to go for walks, and doesn't pull. Alex will do best in a home where he doesn't have to do many steps.

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Dixie #3 (#170292)

Dixie is a 12 yr old black spayed female.  She weighs 74 lbs, is up to date on vaccinations and is heartworm negative.  She is good with dogs and cats and is approved for ages 7 and up.  Dixie is a gentle and sweet girl whose life has been turned upside down by the death of her owner. She really craves attention and reassurance, but her confidence is beginning to return and she is starting to show a little interest in exploring on her own when outside.

Her hind legs are a little wobbly; she can't handle slippery floors, so area runners are needed in those areas. She is excellent on a leash and immediately responds if called, though she's rarely more than a few feet away. Dixie doesn't pay any attention at all to the resident dogs; people are what matter to her. Dixie's ideal home would be a calm environment and a person/people with lots of time to lavish attention on her, few stairs, and no slippery floors. She doesn't want or need a lot of exercise, so a small yard or even no yard but a few short walks daily would be OK for her.  And there's no need to make a trip to the dog park, as they may be too much action for this sweet girl.

Update from Dixie's foster on Aug 14, 2017: DIXIE not only takes time to smell the roses, she also takes time to sweep up crumbs left over from outdoor meals. It's hard to understand why this lovely, well-behaved, adoring girl has not yet been snapped up. She is an excellent companion for anyone who needs even the tiniest ego boost - just look in her direction and she will gaze back lovingly and wag her tail. 
She is the sweetest, most gentle girl, who is constantly wagging her tail. She adjusted extremely well to the foster switch for vacation. She checked out the house, yard, and got into our routine amazingly quickly. She likes to stay close to her humans. She will let us know when she needs to go out by coming over to my lap and dancing a bit. She did well at an event with 5 other dogs and children--she is obviously a social girl. We gave her a pawacure plus at petsmart, and she is walking easier with her nails short. She has learned to use the Subaru Outback ramp with our dogs, and travels well. She has enjoyed our pop corn toss and waits her turn politely catching the pup corn. She sleeps on a dog bed next to foster canine sibs in our room. This girl is so easy to please. We are greeted upon coming home with her rapid search for her favorite toy, and a dancing presentation. 

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Pokie (#160433)

Pokie is an 8 year old neutered chocolate male. He is up to date on his shots and is heartworm negative.  He is good with other dogs and is approved for kids aged 10 and up. He weighs 61 lbs. Pokie is diabetic and partially blind. Pokie is a sweet and mellow guy looking for a family who can take care of him and is committed to helping him with his diabetes. All he needs are his insulin injections twice a day. In return, he will stay close to you and shower you with love.
Pokie has no problem getting around, even with his failing eyesight. He loves to play and is OBSESSED with his "babies". He sleeps with them, goes outside to go potty with them and just loves holding them in his mouth. Pokie is such a sweetie! 

 Update from Pokie's foster on Aug 28, 2017: This sweet boy has at least one baby with him at all times (literally at all times).  Pokie has been patiently waiting for his forever family for almost a year. His partial blindness and diabetes don't slow him down a bit. Pokie adores people, loves to play, is very quiet and has exceptional house manners. He would like a home with a quiet canine companion or as an only doggy child. No kitties. 
Update from Pokie's foster on July 22, 2017: He is 8 years young and has impeccable house manners. Pokie runs up and down stairs at full speed and gets around just fine. Pokie begs for his twice daily insulin injections as he knows there's a treat involved. He is super loving and friendly to all people he meets. He is also obsessed with his stuffed animals and sun bathing. He would prefer that any doggie companions be super relaxed. 

Pokie has been waiting patiently for his forever family; he knows they are on their way!  Maybe it's you? 

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