Available Seniors

Bentley (#180293) and Pebbles (#180294)

They say best friends bring out the best in each other! That’s the truth for Bentley and Pebbles - a bonded pair of buddies that love to be together. Bentley is an adorable hunk of chocolate who is house and crate trained, but could use a little help with his leash manners. He is gentle with children and good with other dogs. Pebbles is a sweet package with big black velvety ears and a pretty tricolor face. She rides well in the car and enjoys going for walks and being around kids.  These BFF’s are good with dogs, but no cats please. Approved for kids 8 and up.

Pebbles is a is a 10-year-old spayed female Beagle/Terrier mix. She has a low grade heart murmur and will have a consultation with the cardiologist. She will also need a dental. Lab Rescue will pay for it if it's done at one of our vets. Pebbles weighs 14 pounds. Bentley is a 6 year-old neutered chocolate male. Bentley weighs 76 pounds.

These two are inseparable and looking for their forever home to share their lives with.

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Brody #2 (#180352) and Remington (#180353)

These two neutered boys are a bonded pair who must be adopted together and are approved for humans ages 6 and up. Brody is a chocolate 8 year old who weighs 75 and Remington, aka Remi, is a black 1.5 year old who weighs 84 pounds. These two guys have been together since Remington was a puppy and they share a proclivity for tail wagging and rolling over for belly rubs. They would love a big yard where they could play, with some type of fence to contain these good boys. They must go to a single-family, detached home in rural or suburban area.  These guys are owner give ups who lived with young children and Brody had run of the house while Remi was crated when alone since he is a youngster. Remi is heartworm positive and Lab Rescue will provide Remington's Heartworm treatment, at no cost to the adopter, at one of our designated vets. Brody is heartworm negative but will need to be tested in six months because we do not have a record of him being on preventives. 

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CJ (#180516)

CJ is an 8 yr old yellow neutered male.  He weighs 93 lbs, is up to date on vaccinations and is heartworm negative. CJ is a very sweet big boy. He rode well in the car and tested well with other dogs at the animal shelter, unknown with cats and is approved for ages 10 and up.

Floyd (#180446) and Harvey (#180445)

Floyd (brown and white) and Harvey (black) are an older (10 and 8 years, respectively), genteel bonded pair of boys who just want to share your home. Their demands are few and the rewards are great. Harvey is pretty much Floyd’s “therapy dog”- he is the more playful, social one to whom Floyd turns to get a pulse on a situation. Harvey likes to run in the yard, but isn’t too keen on walks, and likes to fetch; Floyd is content to let Harvey do the “heavy lifting” and will meander around and just watch him play. Neither is a fan of the water, at least not pools where they can’t feel the bottom. The boys snuggle together in a large bed together at night. While Floyd tolerates car rides, Harvey genuinely enjoys them.

They have great house manners and have rarely been crated in the last two years. They know their basic commands. They would do best in a quieter home with fewer visitors: they aren’t going to be the “belles of the ball” nor are they going to be comfortable going to dog parks. Floyd and Harvey just want to complete your family.

Harvey weighs 58 pounds, is up to date on shots and heartworm negative. Floyd weighs 51 pounds, is up to date on shots and heartworm negative.

Flynn (#180327)

Flynn is a 10 year old neutered black male who weighs 48 pounds and is good with both cats and dogs. He's approved for humans ages 10 and up. This little guy is heartworm negative and current on his vaccines. He is also townhome approved if the home is in the suburbs or a rural area. He does not need a fence. Flynn does need a little extra TLC, as his life prior to Lab Rescue was less than ideal. Read his foster family's description of this dear boy's personality and very manageable special needs. 

Update from Flynn's foster family - Jul 15, 2018: We found out today that this adorable, loving senior beagledor is good on walks, respectful towards horses (although he will clean up any leftover grain) and very respectful, borderline afraid, of the fairer species, cats. He met the barn cat, lounging in a lawn chair, and approached within two feet until she hissed, at which time he looked away and, at first opportunity, walked away. He loves to chase a ball when we roll it for him and after a half dozen times, curl up next to us for scritches and strokes. Ramsey even likes him, which makes him only the second male that Ramsey has not given the "what for" to. Yeah, he's lumpy and wears belly bands inside, but he asks so little and just wants to spend his golden years surrounded by love. We'd love to keep him (since he is just like our beagledors), but Bear has made it clear that fosters are fosters as long as he is in charge. 

Jul 9, 2018: Like joyful dogs? I am one happy camper; I like my naps, putzing around in the yard, playing with a ball or wubba, chewing on a bone or antler, and MEALS. I have even gotten into a few tug games with my fellow foster (sort of a ‘May-December’ relationship) and I like to follow her around to see if she finds anything cool. I love everybody I meet; I haven't been cat tested yet, but I promise to worship them if you want me to. 
I love riding in the car, am great on a leash and stick with you off the leash. Fences are for kids: I don’t have much need for one as long as you are with me. 
After I was picked up as a stray (read: "dumped"), I was passed off by the shelter as being 7 or 8 but the Lab Rescue doc thinks I am closer to 10-12 years young. But I barely have any of that ‘bad joint’ stuff. I am lumpy and bumpy, but they don’t cause me any grief. I have some plumbing problems, so I come with a bunch of belly bands, and sometimes I lay eggs in my sleep, but my FM thanks me for keeping them solid and easy to pick up. 
I would love a home of my own; I know there are dogs who are younger, more dashing, more “labby”, more athletic and more hygienic, but please don’t overlook me because of a few involuntary indiscretions. 

Henry (#170904) and GirlyGirl (#170903)

Henry and GirlyGirl (GG) are hanging out, making their foster laugh and being good while they wait for their furever family. They were part of 5 dogs that were surrendered after their family lost their home. They didn’t come from the best of situations, but they were loved.

Henry and GG love new people to visit and the attention that comes with meeting new folks. Theyare a bonded pair and need to stay together. They are NOT fond of other dogs and should be the only dogs in the house. They are OK to go for walks, the vet etc. They are goofy and silly and fun with each other (they are brother and sister and have been together all their life). They are super good in their crates but would be fine out of them as well.

Henry and GG are good passengers and do okay on a leash, especially once they are comfortable with their person and surroundings. Approved for ages 10 and up. They paid no mind to the cats at the vet so cats may work.
Henry is a 10 year old black male that weighs 45 pounds. GirlyGirl is a 10 year old black female that weighs 43 lbs.  
These sweet frosted faces would love a quiet retirement home!
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Lester (#180335)

Lester is a 10 year old neutered black male who weighs 75 pounds. He is unknown with cats, good with dogs and approved for ages 10 and up. Lester is current on vaccines and heartworm negative but will need another heartworm test in six months, November 2018, because we don't know if he was on heartworm preventatives before coming ot Lab Rescue. Lester does not need a fence but must go to a single-family, detached home in the suburbs or a rural area. Lester has some trouble getting around and will do best in a home with lots of carpeting and very few stairs. He has an injury to his left rear leg that is healing slowly. Lester does not need a crate.