Courtesy Listings

Lab Rescue is happy to highlight dogs available with individual owners, fosters and other rescue organizations.  Each dog's profile include contact information if you are interested in learning more about that dog.  If you would like to list a dog on our Courtesy Page, please email  Include pictures and a write up about your dog and contact information.  

Lab Rescue has no association and has not evaluated the dogs listed on this page.

Gracie and Rolph (not a bonded pair)

Gracie and Rolph need new homes after their owner died.  They get along great but are not bonded so they do not have to be rehomed together.  They were photographed separately since sometimes they will wander off if both are out at the same time. Gracie (kenneled, below right) is 11 years old and 90 pounds and Rolph (meandering) is 12 and 95 pounds.  They have always been outdoor dogs, but are well socialized.  
They love attention and are very good with children, although they may knock over a small child if they greet him together.  Currently in Caroline County, VA- near Fredericksburg.

Please call for additional information:
Lezah Lakan- 804.387.3272


Alice is a 7 year old female yellow lab, good with other dogs , kids and cats . She is good in the car , house broken and is loving and loyal.

Please contact Ginny at Paws For Life in Chesapeake City at 302-690-5998


Sophie is a very sweet, affectionate 13 year old yellow spayed female. She is good on leash and loves to swim. Her family needs to find a new home for her asap as one of her family members is very ill and can't be around dogs anymore. Sophie has been well loved and is great with kids. She is also good with other dogs and seems to be okay with cats.

Located in Hanover, Pa.

Please contact: Lorena- 717-465-1323 or


Dozer is a 10 ½ years young AKC registered black Labrador Retriever. His registered name is Jack’s Bull Dozer. He’s a big boy at 90 pounds but could stand to lose 5-10 pounds. Dozer has been with his current owner for 4 ½ years but life changes have made it difficult to give Dozer the time and attention he needs. Although Dozer is 10 ½ years old, he is an active and healthy mature dog. Dozer is looking for a family experienced with big, energetic dogs where he will live inside and be an integral part of the family. His new family should provide him with moderate daily exercise and mental stimulation. Dozer is a pretty good retriever and enjoys fetching his orange retriever dummy. Dozer would love to have a fenced yard (6 foot) where he could safely run off-leash to fetch. No invisible fence as he would run through it. Dozer should never be allowed off-leash in an unfenced area because he has a history of running off, usually after interesting sights, sounds, and smell. At one time, his owner spent considerable time working with him and was able to improve his focus and recall. So, it may be possible at some point with considerable time, patience, bonding, and structured training on a long lead to achieve a reliable recall.

Dozer absolutely LOVES people! He enjoys attention and being petted. But, he is big and strong and would do best in a home with no little ones since he might accidentally knock them over. Dozer is good with dogs of all sizes. His owner has a Cairn terrier/Shih Tzu mix that lives indoors. While the owner doesn’t allow them to play together because of the size difference, they take leash walks together and do fine. Dozer has lived in a rural area with limited opportunity for socialization with other dogs, so he’s never really had the opportunity to play off-leash with other dogs. He recently attended an adoption event and did well with meeting the dogs there. But dog play will be new to him so his new family will need to supervise accordingly. Dozer has not been cat tested so we don’t know how he is with cats.

Dozer knows some commands like sit, stay, and come but is a bit rusty and could use reinforcement work to finesse his reliability. Dozer has been trained to wait for his food – his owner snaps her fingers to get his attention, points to her eyes for eye contact, and he will wait until she points to his food to release him. Dozer loves treats but gets excited and needs to work on taking them gently. Dozer pulls on a lead so a no-pull type harness might benefit him. Dozer has never lived indoors and will need to be housetrained. Old dogs CAN learn new tricks and most dogs housetrain quickly with a consistent, structured routine and supervision when not crated or confined until they prove trustworthy. Dozer is crate trained. Dozer likes to ride in a car but thinks he should help you drive. He should be crated when transported or use a barrier to keep him from jumping up front. Otherwise, he does fine in the car.

Dozer is neutered, heartworm negative, up-to-date on vaccines and flea/tick preventatives, and microchipped. All interested persons will be required to complete an application and interview, references checked, and a pre-adoption home visit. Please direct any questions regarding this handsome boy to Linda Pavlik,, or 703-625-6895.