Foster Dog's Firsts

Guide for Current Fosters

This section of the website is intended as a guide for foster families as you settle in with a new Lab Rescue lab or prepare to introduce your lab to a new potential adopter. Feel free to return here along the way as you have questions or you can contact your Foster Coordinator.

Watch this video to get a quick overview of what to do to prepare for your foster dog and help see them through their 'firsts'; preparing them for their first walk and the first time they're crated.  Remember, safety first:

- don't let anyone go face to face with your new foster dog
- pick up anything the might cause a disagreement with the resident dog
- pick up favorite items that might get chewed
- supervise all initial doggie interactions and don't start playing until you know your foster dog

General Questions and Answers


Foster homes do have responsibilities.  Most importantly, we ask you to provide food, shelter, love and exercise to your foster dog, essentially treating it like your own dog. 

Welcoming a New Foster Lab


The first day or two with your new foster lab can be fun and exciting, especially if you introduce your foster in the right way.  Read this section to find out everything you need to know.

Working with Your Foster


We can get our fosters off on the right foot by giving them training while they're in our home.  It's never too early to start and their forever families will thank you for the head start.